Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent and Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses
Instructor Development Courses with Sussex Scuba

Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent and Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses

Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent & Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses
Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent & Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses

Hall of Fame Jul - Dec 2008

In order to honour and recognise the successes of our students we like to post pictures of people who have recently attended, passed and perhaps more importantly, enjoyed a course with us. Congratulations and well done to all of you

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George Moss and Erik Richards Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty - July
John Lancaster, Robin Lawrence, Loren Knopp Antoine Derbyshire, Peter Knopp, and Andrew Murray Rescue Divers - July

Russel Cottingham
Divemaster - July

Seal Team "The Jellyfish"
Graduation - June
Helen Stevenson
Try Diver - July
Jordan Gow
Try Diver - July
Kelsey Cairns, Archie, Hugh, and Shane Colvin
Open Water Referral - July
James Shaw
Scuba Review - July
Louren Knopp, Peter Knopp, and Steph Nunn
DAN O2, DAN Advanced O2 and PADI Oxygen Specialties - July
Master Seal Team Graduation
"The Triggerfish" - July
Mel Miles, John Wright, and Jen Dunbar
Open Water Divers - August
Zoe Hyland, Gary Reed, Julie Wilson, David Loveridge, and David Miles
Open Water Divers - August
Charlotte Jenkins, Tom Wilson, David Ball, Glen Dawkins, and Jamie Scott
EFR Primary and Secondary Care with AED - August
Steve Craske
Drysuit Specialty - August
James Charrington
Junior Open Water Diver - August
Dennis Bell, Mel Fitter, and Dave Fitter
Enriched Air Specialty - August
Russel Cottingham, Gary Wilson, and Jason Murphy
DAN O2 Provider - August
Jason Murphy, Gary Wilson, Louren Knopp, and Russel Cottingham
DAN AED Course - August
Back: Gary Wilson, Rob Grant, John Netley-Thomson, and Tom Wilson
Front: Helen Netley-Thomson, Vikki Guest, Andrea Beer, and David Beer
Deep Water Specialist - September
Gemma Brown
Open Water Referral - September
Lawrence, Mick and Katrina Jenner
Try Divers - September
Master Seal Team
"The Hammerheads"
Graduation - September
Tom Freeman, Luke Betts, and Sam Freemen
Open Water Divers - Septembe
Mick Tucker, Scott Nickless, Rory Archibald, and Nick Heap
Open Water Divers - Septembe
Keiron Seymour, Vicky Seymour, and Catherine Brookes
Open Water Divers - Septembe
Jim Crutchington, Russell Mortimer, Rob Crutchington, Renee Kelly, and Ben Nelson
Advanced Open Water - September
Ben Nelson
Dry Suit Specialty - September
Andy Hawes, George Moss, Chris Patterson, Graeme Walker, and David Caddy
EFR Primary and Secondary care with AED - October
Lynda Brooks, Glen Dawkins, Jamie Scott, Neil Wheeler, and Tom Wilson
Rescue Divers - October
Darren Hector
Scuba Diver - October
Louise Hector Open
Water Referral - October
Charlotte Jenkins
Rescue Diver Referral - October
David Brooks
Rescue Diver Referral - October
Garry Pointer, Andy Langler,
Andrea Beer, Jason Murphy, and David Beer
EFR Primary and Secondary Care with AED - November
Ashley Philpotts, Tim Burgess, Marcus Barber, and Jamie Collins
EFR Primary and Secodary Care with AED - November
Alice Cohen
Open Water Referral - November
Sally Squires and Paul Hill
Open Water Referral - November
Martin Blake, Sam Reilly, Helen Gardner, Charlie Jones, and Amy Phillips
EFR Primary and Secondary Care with AED - November
Rebecca Dell, Thaddeus Pope, and Jonathan Lane
Open Water Divers - November

Aleks Didymyotis, Jordan Gow, Mitchell Parfitt, and Gerry Carpenter
Open Water Divers - November
Holly Jackson and Russell Jackson
Open Water Divers - November
Imogen Jackson and Amelia Jackson
Junior Scuba Divers - November
Mark Rice, Kevin Charman, and John Gilbertson
Dry Suit Specialty - Novembe
Jason Murphy, Daniel Stokes, Jamie Scott, and Glenn Dawkins
Enriched Air Specialty - November
George Moss, Michelle Parsons, Andy Langler, and Wayne Parsons
Enriched Air Specialty - November
George Moss and Kevin Charman
DAN O2 and Advanced O2 - December
Robin Lawrence and Jodie Fackrell
DAN Diving Firest Responder - December

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Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent & Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses


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