Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent and Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses
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Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent and Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses

Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent & Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses
Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent & Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses

Dive Schedule 2012

The midweek and RIB dives proved to be popular again and so we intend to continue with this schedule. As before this will allow us to get a bit more variety in our dives and allow us to dive on some of the most famous dives off the south coast. So as well as the Brighton Diver we will also be diving from Selsey on a 6 man RIB with Mulberry Divers. I know we don't do a lot of RIB diving but the sites we plan to see are all short journeys which should be good fun on a fast RIB.

I have included a few details below on the boat we will be using in 2012

Brighton Diver II

Brighton Diver 2 is a 33ft Blyth catamaran which is 10m long and 5m wide for extra stability and maximum space, built to D.O.T specification and conforming to Marine Safety Agency requirements to carry 12 passengers Powered by 2 x 250 hp Perkins saber turbo charged diesels fitted in 2004, giving a cruising speed of 17 knots with a top speed of 22 knots.

Electronic aids aboard include 2 echo sounders, differential GPS, plotter, two VHF radios, radar and autopilot. A comprehensive First Aid Kit and an Oxygen Therapy Unit is always ready for emergency use. Whilst on the boat, 3rd party insurance to £2m is covered.

The boat has a enormous deck which which means there is plenty of room for kitting up, but also room to walk around with the risk of stamping on someone's kit. Best of all the boat has a diver lift which means getting out of the water is a straightforward task. The boat has a small galley equipped with a fridge, microwave cooker for pies, etc, and gas for hot drinks. 240volts ac is available for battery charging or pc's. A toilet is provided inside the cabin.

The boat's skipper, Paul Dyer is very experienced in the waters around the South Coast, and as an experienced fisherman and diver he has all the knowledge and experience to get us to the best sites at the right time

The Dives and schedule

Once again we have planned a series of hardboat and RIB dives.  Our plan is to continue with the hardboats for the more experienced divers, sailing from Brighton on Brighton Diver II while introducing UK novices to some great diving by planning some shallower dives (and shorter journey times) with Mulberry Divers out of Selsey. 
The hardboat dive day is made up of two dives - a wreck in the morning follwed by a drift dive as the tide turns.  The depth of these will vary between 25m -32m and so we do not feel these are suitable for divers with no UK experience.  However to get everyone involved we are once again planning some shallower RIB dives so that people can get some UK experience at shallower depths.  These dives are very good and anyone who has dived on the Mulberries will tell you that it is a great dive.  The depths of these will vary from around 8m to around 15m - making them suitable for anyone who feels confident. 

For hard boat dives we cannot plan a particular site in advance as this is heavily dependent on tides, and anticipated visibility. However we can be more certain with the RIBs and these have been listed next to the date

For divers new to UK diving we have put together a guide of boat and dive etiquette. This is meant to be constructive advice to assist everyone and to make sure the day goes smoothly. These can be read and downloaded by following this link

Please not that full kit hire is not available for Hardboat dives, though we can rent out tanks

RIB & Hardboat - Schedule 2012
Date Boat Departure Meeting Dive site Places Available Cost
29th April Brighton Diver II Brighton 0930   Only 2 places left £45
2nd June Phoenix Selsey 1230 Far Mulberry Only 1 places left


3rd June Brighton Diver II Brighton 0900   Only 4 places left £45
16th June Phoenix Selsey 1030 Hound Reef Boat Full


16th June Phoenix Selsey 1300 Mixon Hole (25m) Only 1 places left £23
23rd June Brighton Diver II Brighton 1200   5 places left £45
24th June Phoenix Selsey 0930 Selsey Drift Boat Full


24th June Phoenix Selsey 1430 Cannon Balls Boat Full


15th July Brighton Diver II Brighton 0930   Boat Full £45
28th July Phoenix Selsey 1300 Far Mulberry Boat Full


28th July Phoenix Selsey 1530 Far Mulberry Only 3 places left


26th Aug Brighton Diver II Brighton 1130   Only 3 places left £45
2nd Sept Phoenix Selsey 1230 Hound Reef Boat Full


9th Sept Brighton Diver II Brighton 0930   Only 1 places left £45
21st Oct Brighton Diver II Brighton 0830   Boat Full £45
4th Nov Brighton Diver II Brighton 0930   Boat Full £45

Mid Week Dives
This is actually quite a pleasant evening as by Wednesday the sediment has settled and there are usually only a few people in the water which means that we can all get a pleasant early evening dive, where we can actually see something, and after the dive we can all retire to the bar for a beer and curry, and still get home at a sensible time.

This is a great opportunity for the less experienced people (and particularly the younger club members) to get some enjoyable dive experiences in.  How many of you have actually seen the milk float?  How many of you have seen the giant fruit bowl, the traffic lights or even the vertical boat, and what about The Thorpe Park Ranger, or even the dive school van.  Well all these sights can now be enjoyed by all of you.
The plan is to meet at the lake at around 6.00 and be in the water by about 6.30.  We can be flexible around timings and based on work commitments etc. The plan is to partner an experienced diver with a less experienced person.  We will provide the map and the directions and let’s see what happens !!!
As with all our dive trips it is important that people let us know as soon as possible if they are planning to attend especially if you need to hire any kit from us. 

Date Time
13th June 6.00pm
11th July 6.00pm
22nd August 6.00pm
19th Sept 6.00pm
What is provided Brighton Diver
  • Teas and coffees
  • Two dives per day. The second dive will be a shallower dive, usually a reef or drift dive
RIB Dives
  • One dive per day
Minimum requirements
  • SMB and reel, per buddy pair. (DSMB for wreck dives)
  • Pony bottle for dives over 30m
  • Divers may only dive as deep as the limit of their qualification. Regardless of agency.
Costs and booking arrangements
  • Trips on Brighton Diver cost £45 per day for weekend dives. All fees, including hire costs must be paid on the day of the dive, (or before). Dives from RIB's cost £24. As is traditional with UK dives a rolling deposit of £45 is required to secure a place on any trip. This is payable at the start of the season. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the season (or used on the last dive). As we are hiring the entire boat for each trip (thus giving us more control of dive sites) we are required to pay in advance. Unfortunately therefore, If you cannot make a dive that you have booked, and you are unable to find a replacement, then the deposit will have to be forfeited.
  • Times quoted are times to be on the boat.
  • Insurance is not required for UK trips as it is for overseas trips as we are all covered by the NHS for diving injuries. However you should check you own household policy to check that your equipment is covered and there are no exclusions for diving related accidents or thefts. We have negotiated a special contract with tgic for overseas trips which include all UK trips. If you would like to take out a policy to cover a short weekend break in the UK the cost through tgic starts at £7.00 for 3 day trip. If you would like a quotation please follow the link below
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Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent & Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses


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