Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent and Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses

Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent and Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses

Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent & Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses
Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent & Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses

Red Sea Oct 2006

As always.......

Stunning diving,
Stunning weather
and excellent company

The last trip of the year and as you would expect the diving was outstanding !!!

Due to the new regulations regarding baggage allowances etc. we were all a little concerned as to whether we would get through without having to pay large excess. As it turned out there was only one problem.... Denise and me !!! we were overweight and the "jobsworth" told us to pay £60 or else. garry spoke to the tour operator and all charges were waived Yipppeee. next stop breakfast and in some cases a few beers. I should add at this point it was 6.00am. I did not fancy a pint of Guinness and a whisky chaser, though some did.

Collecting the baggage and clearing customs was the usual mess, then onto the duty free to get supplies of beer and wine for the boat.

The boat was of the usual high standard and after unpacking we spent the night in the dock before sailing early the next morning.

I don't intend going through every dive we did. Suffice it to say all the dives were excellent we had a good mix of wrecks and reefs. We dived all the usual Northern sites including:

  • Ras Mohammed
  • Shark Reef
  • SS Thistlegorm
  • Ghiannis D
  • Shag Rock/Kingston
  • Bluff Point & the Ulysses
  • Rosalee Muller
  • Carnatic

The highlight of the trip (apart from the mysterious air thief) was the dive on Shag Rock and the wreck of the Ulysses. This was avery relaxing, colourful reef dive, but towards the end we started to hear the unmistakable squeaking of Dolphins. Coming towards was a pod of dolphins containing about 30+. What a sight !! They really are elegant and curious. After passing us by at very close range, one or two stayed for a while to check us out they were within a metre of us and circling around people to have a good look - A very humbling experience!!

Anyway - on with the show! I have tried to break the photos down into some sort of order to make it more interesting. Some of you may be aware that I get regular abuse for showing pictures of people who are not at their best but I never include any bad ones of me.... Well (Ray) that is because I take the pictures and can't do two things at once. Anyway just to keep people happy I have got a few ropey pictures of me (most of which I took myself) If anyone has any pictures of me (or anything else) they would like to share please send them in

The Team

Some of the group at breakfast in the airport

The first stupid one of me ! Are you happy Ray?

In order to be politically correct we decided that we must take a minority. Say hello to our Native American, Verity

Jason with excellent hovering skills (he was actually stood on the bottom)

Look at the rolls of fat on his head. I have never seen that before. How many foreheads does he have??
Supreme hovering from Simon (See I can be nice about him!!)
Mark trying to look relaxed and cool. Rule one - Never hold your breath. What is Verity doing in front of him ??
Denise always manages to find a toilet. This was particularly fascinating for her..... It was a wreck who's cargo was toilets and hand basins
The team getting ready to dive
A RIB dive at Bluff Point
The following is very tragic and I really do not want to make fun of Jason. I am only posting this as a warning to anyone else who may consider going to the dentist while in Egypt. Yes i know it is a good price but the results leave a little to be desired. I understand that Jason has now had more painful and expensive work done in the UK to correct the problems. If you are squeamish please skip the next two photos
Inside the boat
Garry and Dominic threatening a few rogue towels !!
Let's have a look at a few fish and stuff...
A fish sitting on a rock !!
Coral crunching Parrot Fish
Blue Spotted Ray
A Medallioned Dogfish
(Medallionisimus Canis Dogis)
A Squirrel fish
Beautiful Angel Fish
A Shy Puffer Fish
No album would be complete without one or two of these
Clown Fish. aaaahhh !!
More Clown Fish
Sweetlips..... That is the name of the fish. I wasn't being nice to people again
A huge Batfish. These are about 1.5metres in length.
The above were voted as the best photographs of the holiday. They were taken by me and I organised the vote.....
Lets have a few arty ones next....
Star Trek Deep Space 9
Some kind of shell !!!
Fantastic colours. And no it hasn't been enhanced. Non of the above have been
Moody fan Coral
Some kind of trumpet coral
Lion Fish
Shoals of something
A few scary ones and other bits and pieces
A Crocodile fish
ooopps !! How did that get in ??
A very large Moray
A well camouflaged stonefish
Just a few more of the team and the boat to round it all off
Some of the dolphins
Sunset in the Red Sea
Another crap one of me to keep Ray and Simon happy
Our Boat
Enjoying several beers on the last day
The Docks
Relaxing in the evening
Simon talking us through his dive......
Mark after suffering, enduring, enjoying Simon's chat
Rich, after trying to listen for Simon for more than 10 seconds
One more of me. Not so silly this time
The very artistic dive briefings
The Final team photo.
See you all again next year.......


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Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent & Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses


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