Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent and Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses

Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent and Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses

Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent & Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses
Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent & Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses

Holiday - Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that we get asked on a fairly regular basis for all our trips. Some are specific for overseas trips and some are specific for UK based trips, some are common to both !! Below are some of the regular questions we get asked. Hopefully this may help you in making your decision. However I would like to stress that this is not a complete list and you may have questions or concerns that are very similar or completely different. Whatever your concerns are please give us a call or better still come in and see us. I am sure we will be able to help you

Do I need to be a member of your club?
  • No, this is not necessary, though one of the benefits of club membership is that club members get to know about trips one month in advance
What is the accommodation like?
  • This very much depends on where we go. However it should be noted that we do not "rough it". In the UK it is very different as a diver to stay at 3* hotels due to the nature of the places we visit. The most basic we would stay at are high quality bed & Breakfast in a good location. We, and our customers have never been disappointed in the choice of accommodation. To get a better flavour of where we stay please look at some of the holiday galleries by following the link at the end of this paragraph. Overseas accommodation is always of a high standard. In Tenerife we stay in extremely high quality apartments on the quieter part of the island. When we go to Egypt we almost always go on a liveaboard. This is by far the best way to dive the Red Sea as you get to see sites that day boats from the resort can't get to. The boats we use are all of an extremely high standard. All rooms have air conditioning and a small bathroom. The rest of the boats are very spacious with a large lounge and dining area along with a small bar. Follow this link to look at holiday galleries

Will I need to share a room with someone ?

  • The cost is usually calculated on a shared room basis. In the UK it is sometimes possible to pay a little extra and get a single room but this cannot be guaranteed. On Liveaboards all rooms are twin rooms.
On overseas trips will I need any injections?
  • Injections are not required for short trips to Egypt, however some people chose to get the hepatitis B inoculation which your doctor can do for you. This position can change and as part of the preparations for the trip we will check with the Department of Health and take their advice. On trips to other far Eastern destinations we will advise at the time of booking the holiday. In any case it is advisable to ensure your tetanus is up to date
What if I get seasick?
  • This is not an uncommon problem. In the UK we would normally dive from a fairly large hardboat rather than an inflatable as this makes the trip more comfortable for everyone. If you are prone to being seasick there is medication you can take that is safe for divers. We do try to get people who are prone to sea sickness into the water quickly as the bobbing around tends to cause the problem not the actual journey to the site. The boats we use in Egypt are obviously much larger and therefore more stable. The sea is also not that rough though it can't be ruled out. On previous Red Sea trips we have had one or two cases where someone has felt bad for an hour or so if the sea has been rough but it usually passes fairly quickly
I am worried that if I am locked up on a boat for a week I will go mad?
  • This question is asked surprisingly often, and I will confess that this was one of my concerns on my first Red sea trip !! The boat is surprisingly big. What tends to happen is that various groups of people sit around on an informal basis. People regularly join and leave such a group when they wish. A few people like to sunbathe a lot of the time and spend time on the sundeck or at the front of the boat, others stay inside and watch a DVD. There is plenty of room to hide or plenty of opportunity to mix. You are very unlikely to go "stir crazy"
What is the food like on the boat?
  • Outstanding!!! It never fails to amaze me how much they can do in such a small kitchen. We get three meals a day, all meals are served buffet style. Breakfast is usually a continental style breakfast, that includes, bread toast,cheeses, jam, pancakes, fresh fruit and cereals. You can also have an omelette freshly made. Lunch is made up of meat and various cooked vegetables with a light desert. Dinner is always three courses and usually includes a home made soup. The main course for lunch or dinner usually includes meat cooked in various styles, casseroles, braised, or roasted. We even get roast beef. There is usually choice or two or three vega tables, and various salads. Depending on how fussy you are you may not like everything on every meal but the food is varied, plentiful, and of a good quality
Will I need to carry kit around?
  • In the UK all kit will need to be loaded up onto the boat by you. Distance from the boat varies depending on what harbour we are in. Often there are trolleys available to get your kit on board, though this is not always the case. Once on the boat you can leave it overnight safely. Assume the worst case - Kit will need to be carried !! On Liveaboards once the kit is aboard the boat there is nothing more to do. The tanks are filled by the crew and it is not taken off your BCD for the whole week. You simply sit on the bench and slip your BCD on. The crew are always on hand to help particularly with fins etc.
Do we dive from a RIB or a hardboat ?
  • In the UK all our trips are form hardboats unless specified. They are all fairly comfortable with a small cabin for shelter, small toilets, and plenty of hot drinks. Best of all there is usually a lift to get you out of the water!! When we are on Liveaboards we normally dive off the back of the boat which is very easy. Sometimes we need to be taken to the dive site in a small inflatable (RIB). This is a very short journey and good fun. It does however mean you have to get back into the RIB. That is obviously harder but remember there will always be people on the RIB who can help
Do I need my own equipment?
  • No it isn't necessary as it can usually be hired at the location. However, particularly if you are going overseas, it is a great opportunity to start to acquire your own equipment. You may not be able to get everything at once but it is the ideal opportunity to start. It is always easier when you have your own equipment as you are more comfortable in using it and also you know that it has been well maintained and looked after
What about special dive insurance
  • Please note that most standard holiday insurance is not really adequate for overseas diving. You will need to read your policy carefully, particularly in relation to any depth limitations or other limitations that they may apply. There are several specialist companies who can provide better insurance and almost all require you to take a policy for a 12 month period, which is fine. If however you are only planning one trip it may be a little over the top. We have negotiated a contract with a leading specialist insurer that allows people to insure for much shorter periods. Which is great. Please remember though that if you plan to dive on a family holiday it may be worth you taking out insurance for a longer period. If you would like a quote on this please follow this link and it will take you to the site.

Hopefully the above will have answered some of your questions. If you would like to discuss any item in more detail please do not hesitate to give us a call
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Learn to dive in Sussex, Kent & Surrey with Sussex Scuba diving courses


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